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Springboard Futures Learners help with Armistice commemorations at Southwick Green

6 Nov 2020

Our Springboard Futures learners were asked to help in the marking of the Armistice commemorations at Southwick Green.

Springboard Futures is a training provision for people aged 19- 25 with Autism.

Our learners researched the battle of Ypres and were moved by rough wooden crosses that covered the battlefield. Initially, the learners thought the fallen would be buried in the type of cemeteries that they are familiar with, however, their research showed that during the battle, the graves were marked by rough wooden crosses made from wood that was available, typically from ammunition cases and shattered duck boards.

Moved by this, our Futures Learners decided to make their own Ypres Cross in tribute to the fallen.

The cross will be placed on the cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday.


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