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Express Brands in Sunderland expand their workforce with 3 new apprentices!

19 Oct 2020

Express Brands in Sunderland have expanded their workforce by hiring three new apprentices. Express Brands, the umbrella brand of Express Trainers and TufWear, are based in Sunderland and have had a successful history of hiring and retaining apprentices via Springboard’s recruitment process.

Tom and Jack have recently completed interviews and subsequent work trials at Express Brands, which has led to them both securing an apprenticeship.

They have both – along with Niall – just started their Apprenticeship journey following the Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Standard which will kickstart their careers and teach valuable skills, as well as seeing them earning their own money!

If you’re interested in hiring an apprentice for your business, you can read more about the benefits and process via this link. Hiring an apprentice is a cost-effective way to grow and develop your own staff. Currently, all businesses who recruit an apprentice aged 16-18 will receive a cash incentive of 3000 pounds (a new Government incentive due to a new Covid-19 grant, which is available between August 2020 and January 2021).

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