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Hiring an Apprentice is a cost effective way to grow and develop your own staff.

Hiring an Apprentice is a cost effective way to grow and develop your own staff. All businesses who recruit an Apprentice aged 16-18 will receive a cash incentive!

Springboard can help with recruiting an Apprentice, and we take the stress and work out of the hiring process. We currently work with many businesses across the region to help them recruit and develop young people, or to help them upskill existing staff.

First, Springboard will come to your business to learn more about your ways, and find out how an Apprentice can help you. Your vacancy will then be advertised using GOV.UK, the most visited platform when searching for apprenticeships, our website and promoted via social media posts on our channels boasting a unique audience.

Applicants are pre-screened, assessed and interviewed and any suitable candidate details are sent to the potential employer. Springboard would usually arrange the interviews, work trials, second interviews and any other employment process, and we will then provide feedback to the candidates. Springboard are able to facilitate anything you wish to make the hiring process smooth and effective.

Due to the new Apprenticeship Levy, costs for hiring an Apprentice or upskilling your staff depend on the salary bill and size of the workforce of your organisation, you will find more information about finance on our Apprenticeship Costs & Finance page.

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Finance Available

There is various financial help available when hiring an apprentice. Find out more below

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