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Springboard Futures decorate Sea Road’s Christmas Tree

30 Nov 2020

Springboard Futures is a provision for learners with Autism. Learners are active members of the community of Sunderland, and recently they were discussing local news and were concerned by the negative comments made about the Fulwell Christmas Tree.


The local traders association had been let down by suppliers at the last minute leaving the area with no tree, Grange Garden centre kindly supplied a replacement. The learners decided that they would try and make things better, so they set about making bespoke decorations for the tree. On Wednesday last week, the learners walked from their Springboard base to decorate the tree.


Learner Conor said; “We talk a lot about how we can make our community better and that sometimes things don’t turn out the way we expect. Part of our learning is accepting that things aren’t always going to turn out like we hoped but we can always try and make things better!”


Springboard lead Emma Carmody said; “Learners with Autism can sometimes find change a difficult thing to deal with. We encourage learners to develop skills to deal with change and develop coping skills, when they saw the story of the Fulwell tree they saw that they could make a difference. They enjoyed making the decorations and putting them on the tree!”



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