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Q&A with our apprentice Angelica

17 Feb 2023

Q&A with our apprentice Angelica from We Care Recruitment Solutions Ltd!

What apprenticeship standard are you working towards?
– Business admin level 3

How easy or hard is it to study and work full-time?
– Finding time to study and work full time can be a challenge at times however if you have the motivation to succeed then you will push yourself to thrive while at work and in all studies you complete to ensure a good future for yourself.

Why did you choose the apprentice route, rather than college or employment?
– I decided to go down the apprenticeship route rather than college as I thought it was more beneficial for me. While working towards the apprenticeship standard I am also gaining experience and building my knowledge skills on what a working environment is like.

What would you advise anyone considering an apprenticeship?
– I would suggest considering an apprenticeship if you are eager to gain experience like I was and if it will benefit you in your working/job goals. Make sure you put in the effort to learn how to manage time appropriately, taking any support and any training given. Don’t feel shy or embarrassed about asking colleagues, team members, and advisors like your apprenticeship tutor for support and help as they all are here to help and want to see you succeed. Make sure you enjoy the course you choose.

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