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Health and Social Care Learner secures full time employment

15 Jun 2022

Congratulations to Springboard’s Health and Social Care learner, Kathryn, who has started a full-time job this week in an SEN School as a Learning Support Assistant. Kathryn recently completed her Level 2 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care with an overall Grade B.

We spoke to Kathryn about her time at Springboard;

“Hi my name is Kathryn and I studied Health and Social Care alongside Maths at Springboard. I had four fabulous tutors – Chrissie, Gemma, Lisa, and Andrea.  I completed Level 1, Level 2 Certificate and the Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care. The units that were covered in the Level 2 Certificate were Equality and Diversity, Human Growth and Development and Safeguarding. These units helped me to gain a better knowledge and understanding of how these relate to Health and Social Care.

Once I had completed Level 2, I moved on to the Extended Diploma which focused on the following units – Working in Health and Social Care, Communication, Infection Prevention and Control and Mental Health and Wellbeing. My favourite unit to learn about was Mental Health and Wellbeing as mental health has always been something that I have been passionate about. Personally, I think that everyone should be taught about this topic as it will help to stop stigma.

As well as learning the theory behind H&SC I also got the opportunity to do a placement at Springboard Futures. Futures is a part of Springboard which works with learners with special educational needs to achieve their potential and give them skills needed for everyday life. I did some really fun things there including going on trips and into the local community.

Doing work experience there helped me to develop skills that are needed to be a Learning Support Assistant (LSA). This job role includes offering support to learners and helping to make their learning easier. It is such a rewarding job and that is what made me want to do it as a career and I am forever thankful for the opportunity. I really enjoyed working with the learners and seeing them improve every time I saw them.

Before joining Springboard, I didn’t know what I wanted to do and with no Maths and English, I thought that I wouldn’t get very far. Springboard offered me support and made me feel so much confidence in myself to achieve my goals. I made some great friends while being there and achieved the qualifications that I need to go into a workplace. I loved the small classroom sizes which meant that every learner could talk to the tutor when they needed support and there wouldn’t be added pressure from other young people in the classroom. Springboard also prepares learners for work by offering them a paid allowance every day they attend.

I would like to give a big thank you to all the staff at Springboard who gave me help and support whenever I needed it and for making my learning so much fun and easier. I couldn’t have done it without you”

We would like to wish Kathy the best of luck as she takes this next step in her career.

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