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External Quality Assurance Lockdown Feedback Success for Springboard!

9 Jul 2020

During lockdown Springboard has had a number of External Quality Assurance visits from awarding organisations and received very positive reports on our support for learners, continued good practice, and the way we have adapted to current circumstances, which we are particularly proud of during these unprecedented times.

Our Horticulture programme, based at Hetton Lyons Country Park, received a remote visit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Springboard scanned over the required documentation, and during the pandemic, our assessor has been working remotely with candidates. Some feedback we received for our Horticulture programme included: “Detailed assessment planning, detailed and constructive feedback giving to candidates by the assessor, effective IQA processes and procedures are in place and a very good range of evidence being utilised.” Health and Safety within Hetton Lyons Country Park also came back as being effective and in regards to Covid-19 “safe distancing guidelines are being respected, new risk assessments have been set up and the training centre building layout has been redesigned!”

Next up our Warehousing programme also received great feedback. One particular learner who was interviewed commented that he enjoyed his time in the Food Bank warehouse where he worked to complete the qualification and confirmed that his assessor was supportive and was always available to contact when necessary. One Apprentice who was interviewed commented that ‘the course has given him some more experience and has resulted in him obtaining a permanent contract in his workplace!’ – fantastic progression for one of our learners.

Our Business Admin programme also received a glowing report. All of our staff are currently working remotely and have been highly commended for all their hard work in ensuring the sample could go ahead as planned.

A huge well done to the delivery staff team and everyone else involved with these External Quality Assurance visits. Team Springboard has continued to work to an exceptionally high standard throughout this pandemic, and we are so proud of each and every one of you!

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