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What it’s like to study online during lockdown

15 Jun 2020

Have you been wondering what it’s like studying online during lockdown?

Everyone meet Megan! 


Megan is one of our current learners, who has been studying Level 2 Mental Health Awareness online during COVID-19.

How are you finding studying online during lockdown?

“I am thoroughly enjoying studying while in lockdown. I find it keeps me busy and more motivated, I enjoy the fact that I can learn more in the spare time that I have, and I don’t have to rush my work. I can take it at my own steady pace.”

Why did you decide to study our Mental Health qualification?

“I decided to study the Mental Health qualification to further my knowledge, the course offers a range of units which cover many aspects of mental health which interested me a lot. Mental health is such a big part of our everyday lives I thought it would be a good opportunity to find out more around the subject and not just what you hear and see on social media.”

How is the course helping you personally?

“I find the course is helping me understand mental health issues in more detail. I feel like I would be able to direct and help anyone who maybe feeling or having to deal with these problems. I personally didn’t realise that there was as much support offered around mental health and believe now I would be able to direct people.”

“I think this course is ran fantastically, my tutor Nikkee replies in quick time and is always there if I need any help. Giving good feedback allowing you to progress. I think online is working really well it is also very convenient and very well structured. I would definitely do another course with Springboard, and recommend it to anyone who wants to progress within their education and further their knowledge.”

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