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A Day In The Life – Sean Davison

9 Feb 2018

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Welcome to our brand new ‘Day in the Life’ feature which is a celebration of the diversity and wide range of skills and expertise present within Springboard’s workforce.

Our Marketing Officer, Amy, is spending a Day in the Life of each of our employee’s to broaden staff and learners’ awareness and understanding of the many different roles that our staff perform, and their interactions with learner’s, employers’, success stories and the celebrations and challenges that they face!

First up, Amy spent a day with our Estates Manager, Sean Davison.


Name – Sean Davison
Job Title – Estates Manager
Time at Springboard – 11 Years
Typical Day – Reactive and planned maintenance including dealing with contractors and contracts to get best value for Springboard.
Typical Lunch – “It’s always a surprise until I open my sandwich box and something I get nothing depending on how good or bad I’ve been.”
Best thing about your job – I like the diversity of the job and making sure all work is completed to a high standard for Springboard
Worst thing about your job – The boiler and heating system in Unit 1 at Rivergreen drives me up the wall!

Today’s Day 07/02/2018;

All the preparation I was told for today’s event was to meet Sean at around 10am, and to wear some warm, protective clothing. Everyone at Springboard knows I hate the outdoors, hate being dirty, and definitely hate protective personal equipment, yet there I was waiting for Sean in two pairs of leggings, a hoody, a coat, some steel toe capped boots and a hi-vis jacket.

7am – Sean wakes up and has a cup of tea for his breakfast

9am – Sean arrives at Springboard Rivergreen for a 9am start, he then answers any emails, undertakes any admin duties and logs what maintenance jobs may need doing for the day. I must say Sean’s desk it a lot more organised than my own, there’s no scribbled post it notes laying anywhere and everything is nicely filed and put away. Sean talked me through his whiteboard, which has every job logged for every Springboard location, whether it’s jobs that have been done, or need doing. He also has this logged in very fancy spreadsheets – pretty impressive. Once ready for the day, he preps anyone he’s working with for the day ahead.

10am – A trip to the farm! – Just after 10am Sean called me to start my day. We also roped one of our Upstream Graphic Design apprentices into coming along and giving us a hand up the farm. We headed up to Southwick Farm in our PPE and Sean’s work van to go and do some surveying of the buildings, the grassed areas and to also locate the gas & electric meters. When we got to the farm, Sean set about drawing plans up for the site, checking the gas and water, fire extinguishers and measuring the space, while I stood there avoiding the cobwebs lending a hand with writing the measurements down. While we were there, Sean located the gas and electric meters and took some photos of the serial numbers, which he then logs in his spreadsheets.

11.30am – Currys – Next stop after the farm was a trip to Currys. Sean helps out with any broken appliances, and it’s his job to source and replace them. This particular day, the tumble dryer had packed in at our Allenheads location and with a residential taking place this week and next, it was vital the tumble dryer was replaced ASAP. While sitting back and watching Sean tackle the appliance minefield that is Curry’s, I was quite taken aback by a man who knows so much about tumble dryers. Sean knew his stuff, bought the tumble drier and it was back at Springboards head office within twenty minutes, all ready for John Pooley to pick up on Friday.

12.30pm – Lunch – 12.30pm marks the start of Sean’s lunch, which as he said earlier it’s always a surprise what he has for lunch depending on how good he’s been! Today Sean had a sandwich and a piece of fruit for lunch.

1:15pm – Roker – After lunch it was time for a quick trip out Springboard premises over at Roker, sadly after a car accident the front of the premises got demolished so the repair work needed checking up on. The wall was currently under repair, so it was Sean’s job to go down and check that the rendering was satisfactory. At this point I was thoroughly enjoying my day, and thoroughly enjoying waltzing down Roker Avenue with my hi-vis jacket on, I felt very important! Sean confirmed he was really happy with the work done on the premises, and it was time for the next stage of development once the weather warms up, as apparently it’s too cold at the moment!

1.45pm – After Roker we took a trip down to another Springboard premises in Hendon. First stop was to check the locks on some of the gates, and to work out how we could fit them with working locks. After that it was a radiator issue upstairs that was fixed by Sean in less than five minutes. While we were there we had a chat with the guys from the furniture restoration company, and Sean gave some advice on an outside banner. We then had a quick look round the fantastic food bank that’s at the Hendon centre.

2.30pm – After the ETEC centre, it was a trip down to Peterlee to visit East Durham Springboard, who was having an issue with their boiler. This was an unscheduled trip, but last minute jobs are what Sean has to deal with on a day to day business, so it was just another spanner in the works for the day!

4.30pm – Time for home! After work, Sean walks his son’s dog, Sonny, who is a New Zealand Huntaway who was flown over from New Zealand from there when he was a puppy!

I really enjoyed spending the day with Sean today, and it’s been great to learn of all the diverse jobs that Sean does on a day to day basis, no day is the same for him which is what gives him the motivation and determination to come to work every day. As I got in from work yesterday I was way more knackered than usual due to being on my feet literally all day, so as I slogged my gym kit on I was thankful for my ‘behind-a- desk’ job, and the fact that all my marketing and social media duties can be done behind a screen!

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