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Apprenticeship success for Rhianna with We Care Recruitment

26 Apr 2022

Rhianna started her journey with We Care Recruitment as part of the Governments Kick Start initiative, to help her get back on her career path in a brand new sector after the pandemic.  She impressed her colleagues and managers so much, that she was offered full-time employment and the opportunity to sign up for a Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard as a Business Administrator through Springboard!

She is working with Springboard’s Business Tutor Suzanne, who reports that Rhianna is incredibly bright and hardworking, and has quickly settled in and has become an integral part of an established team.

Suzie Dodds, Recruitment Lead at We Care Recruitment Solutions had the following positive comments to say about Rhianna; “Since day one Rhianna has shown enthusiasm to learn as much as possible about both the business and how it works, and the industry in which we operate. She has consistently sought to expand her knowledge and training and I have seen her grow over the months, in both skills and confidence. Working in this industry can be very challenging, and she never backs down from dealing with new situations or tasks. We are an extremely fast-paced environment by the nature of what we do, and she has adapted to this and works as hard as anybody else does. There is still much for her to learn, and I can only see her going from strength to strength. She is bright, interested, and has a desire to do the best she can at all times. An apprenticeship will undoubtedly help to develop her knowledge, skills, and confidence and will help her to remain an important member of what is still a relatively young and developing company.”

We wish Rhianna the best of luck as she continues her apprenticeship with Springboard and We Care Recruitment.

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