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The Prince’s Trust Pier to Pier Bike Ride!

27 Jun 2018

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The Prince’s Trust Pier to Pier bike ride yesterday morning was a huge success. Dave Huntley, our Prince’s Trust delivery officer talks you through the day…


“There was a slight change to the plan, in that it was decided to start at Roker Pier and finish at South Shields Pier this was due to logistic reasons.

So the team consisting of John Fagan, myself Dave Huntley and four learners; Ryan McConville, Lewis Dixon, Grace Murt and Natasha Wallace set off from Roker Bungalow Café at 11:20 under a cloud of sea fret which was to our advantage as we were expecting sunny, hot weather. This made the whole challenge much more comfortable and manageable.

The route was clear and free from pedestrians apart from dodging the odd doggy poo pile, seagull attacks and the constant worry of falling off the edge of the North East coast line.


7 mile the route is, and it soon became apparent that without any training this was going to be a fitness test for our learners, however they did not let the team down and all powered on regardless, especially Natasha Wallace (adult learner) who had said the last time she rode a bike, she was only 12 years old. Well done Tash for only falling off the once. The half way point was Souter Lighthouse and it was at this point that John Fagan had realised he hadn’t put enough air in his tyres, so decided to take this opportunity to show us how to blow up a tyre… if we didn’t know!!


A mile further on and Grace Murt (adult learner) decided to fall of her bike and land in a bed of nettles, ooooooh!!! Nasty, not only did she have terrible nettle rash but also grazed her knee, luckily Medic Dave Huntley was at hand to offer her fist aid and applied some soothing cream to her nettle rash and savlon spray for her knee….bless her!!. However this did not deter her and she was soon back up and on her bike to continue the challenge (Tough stuff these Boldon lasses).


The two lads were excellent but only after being told constantly from myself and John to stop doing wheelies, they settled down and behaved impeccably throughout offering support and encouragement to the girls, well done lads.

After cycling for 1 hour 40 mins we arrived safe and sound at Little Haven Pier, South Shields, feeling jubilant but a little exhausted and feeling a great sense of achievement we dismounted and headed towards the minibus walking like John Wayne suffering from saddle soreness.

So at this point the Team would like to say a big thank you to all Staff at Springboard who kindly sponsored our young people with this challenge and you managed to raise an estimated £84.00 which will go towards the cost of paint and equipment for their chosen “Help in the community project” at Bilton Hall, Low Simonside.”

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