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The Dave Harper Music Award – Live Performance

14 Sep 2022

For the last 6 weeks, our Social Enterprise learners have joined forces with Pop Recs Ltd for the Dave Harper Music Award, and today they put on their end-of-term performance.

We’re so proud of those learners involved in the Dave Harper Music Award. They showed so much confidence on that stage today when just 6 weeks ago they didn’t have the courage to enter the room! The Dave Harper Music Award aims to engage learners through the art of music, and to help build confidence and life skills. Springboard learners have the opportunity to work with talented and gifted musicians, working towards a large-scale public performance.

Pop Recs Ltd is a cafe, music and arts venue and community hub, established by Frankie and The Heartstrings in 2013, located in the heart of Sunderland.

“A huge part of Pop Recs’ ambition is to engage the wider community and to contribute to an inclusive culture of music and art in the City. The opportunity to work with the SEN group at Springboard was something that we jumped at. Our aim is to provide an environment where the learners can develop their skills under the guidance of Ian Black, a professional local musician (Slug, Field Music) and give the group a sense of ownership in the venue, culminating in a Summer performance at Pop Recs.” Dan – Pop Recs

The learners taking part in the Dave Harper Music Award all have additional needs, including physical, social and emotional difficulties. Learners have been stripping back songs with the help of Ian, then they will build these songs back together, whilst learning how to play instruments and understanding how music works. The end goal of the project is for our learners to put on a small scale summer performance, in front of an audience, demonstrating the confidence and skills they have developed.

“I am delighted to have launched the Dave Harper Music Award in partnership with Pop Recs. This project supports those young people most in need across the North East to access specialist knowledge, support and the fantastic Pop Recs facilities, offering our learners a unique chance to be part of an inclusive and thriving music culture.

Huge thanks go to Dave Harper’s friends, bandmates and family members for working with us to provide such a unique programme increasing opportunities for young people with SEND, without whom this would not have been possible.” Steve Reay – CEO, Springboard

You can watch some of the live performance by clicking here. 

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