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GCSE Success for Springboard!

31 Aug 2018

Some fantastic results and glowing feedback for their tutor Lindsey from two of our GCSE English students!

“My time at Springboard doing English GCSE was really good, and my English teacher Lindsey was amazing! I really enjoyed my time there, Lindsey made it very interesting and educational. Lindsey always gave her full focus and attention and always provided support not only in class time but in her free time too. Within 3 months Lindsey touched upon everything with me and I managed to take my test and successfully passed! I wish her many thanks for her support and help to give me the chance to pass my English GCSE” – Syed Hussain

“I have found doing my English GCSE really good. I found all the lessons very educational and they allowed me to push myself to achieve my grade. Lindsey was an amazing teacher and gave me all the support I needed. I am so happy that I have passed my GCSE and all the hard work has paid off!” – Beth Fletcher

Well done guys 👏

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